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Since 2013

Rhino Precision Machine was founded in Austin, Texas in 2013 as a machining and engineering company specializing in projects that most machine shops simply will not or cannot do.

Rhino Precision’s roots are in rapid prototyping, non-clinical medical device tooling, high-tech short run production, automotive, aerospace and electronics.  Our customer’s specify exotic metals such as Titanium, Invar, a wide array of Stainless and engineered plastics such as PEEK, Ultem and Torlon and our shop has consistently delivered.

Rapid Prototyping

Rhino Precision uses advanced CNC machining techniques to produce prototypes for a variety of industries. Fast turn around times of one-off prototypes from a variety of materials has created a loyal base of demanding customers. Medical device prototypes are the foundation of Rhino Precision.

Precision Machining

Parts made in our shop are currently in use by some of the world’s leading aerospace companies. Our shop boasts some of the medical device industries finest endoscopic tooling. When absolute precision is required and complex parts are involved Rhino Precision excels at exceeding customer expectations.

Reverse Engineering

Rhino Precision excels at reverse engineering of broken and obsolete parts. Serving customers in a variety of industries Rhino Precision keeps equipment running for manufacturers, municipal utilities and other critical applications when parts are not readily available. We can take broken parts or drawings and provide parts in the appropriate material to meet any application.

High-tech Production

Rhino Precision can meet your high-tech short run production needs. When every part requires attention to detail, absolute consistency and the meeting of demanding specifications Rhino Precision is the solution. Advanced manufacturing knowledge and continuous training in new techniques and technologies allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality.

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