Suppressor Gas Cycling System

AR with the accuracy of a bolt action and Reliable Suppressed SBR Operation

Examples of Rhino Technology

Conventional automatic rifles

Gas and still-burning powder exit the barrel through the port hole as the bullet passes which cycles the weapon.  This action starts to occur while the bullet is still in the barrel causing pressure loss and inconsistencies which result in decreased accuracy relative to a bolt action.

Post-Barrell Cycling Plenum

Eliminates the barrel port hole allowing the bullet to exit the barrel prior to the bolt opening.  The automatic rifle now produces increased and consistent velocities like a bolt action.  A switchable gas block allows the shooter to open the port hole and remove the post barrel system if desired.

Allows semi-automatic rifles to shoot as accurately as a bolt-action rifles by eliminating the need for a gas port inside the barrel

Greatly Reduces velocity variations

Increases velocity

Increases long range accuracy

Reduces action fowling

Switchable gas block available

Lower Recoil Impulse Due to Slower Bolt Travel

Reduced pressure allows for match chambers

No hand-guard heating during high rates of fire

acts as a flash hinder

slower bolt cyclic rate

eliminates pressure and accuracy issues in large size ARs

Next Generation of Suppressed Firearms