Rapid Prototyping

Rhino Precision was built on medical device prototypes and tooling. We deliver quality, on-time rapid prototypes from a variety of materials to meet your most demanding applications. Our advanced CNC machining techniques and inspection procedures allow us to produce most any type of prototype required. Below are just a few examples of the industries we serve with rapid prototypes.

Medical Devices

Our medical device customers frequently request prototypes made from stainless steel and alloys, Titanium and engineered plastics such as PEEK, Ultem and Torlon. These rapid medical device prototypes are for non-clinical use and provide proof of concept ensuring that the physical characteristics and materials are adequate for the part’s intended use. Often times these parts will eventually be injection molded and Rhino Precision can offer design improvements to better facilitate this process.


Our aerospace customers typically want prototypes made from exotic metals such as Titanium, Invar, a wide array of Stainless Steels and Aluminum depending on the application. Extensive and often times destructive testing is required prior to deployment as the end use may take place light years away in space or in the furthest depths of the ocean where failure is not an option. Rhino Precision excels in working with the most difficult of materials and designs for critical applications such as these.


Our high-end automotive customers appreciate the ability to source functional prototypes that are delivered quickly and suitable for end-use. By delivering fast, end-use parts product development time and costs are minimized. This facilitates better design communication and faster testing opportunities. Rhino Precision’s tight tolerances and inspection capabilities ensure proper fit and form the first time.

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